25. November – 2. December 2023

Brothers, Daedalus, Elphinstone







Boat and schedule

Sea-Echo 2

  • built 2007
  • renewed 2012
  • renewed 2022
  • dimensions 38 m long, 8.5 m wide
  • max 26 PAX in 13 cabins (our price is based our rule that we take max 22 on this safari)
  • lower deck 10 cabin all twin cabins
  • upper deck 3 cabins, open saloon and sun deck
  • main deck has dive deck, saloon and the restaurant
  • top deck has open sun deck


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  • 25.11. Arrival and check in onboard
  • 26.11. sail out for check dives in gifton sites
  • 27.11. Brothers, Numidia and Aida wrecks
  • 28.11. Daedalus reef
  • 29.11. Elphinstone reef
  • 30.11. Safaga, Abu kefan, panorama reef
  • 1.12. Abu Ramada sites and back to the marina
  • 2.12. check out and fly home

Price / PAX

1300 EUR lower deck
1400 EUR upper DECK


  • Full board accommodation
  • Transfer
  • Taxes, permissions
  • Dive guide
  • 12L tank and weights
  • Wi Fi

Not incl.

  • Inter Visa 24€
  • Government Environmental Fee 50€
  • Staff tips 100€ per person
  • Sidemount Nitrox 150€
  • Scooter rent 350€

10% sales tax’s on all prices
Material sold /rented cash onboard by Black Tiger diving


  • Hel 0,100R per liter
  • O2 0,040 per liter

For Rebreather divers:
Package 450 EUR


  • 2×3 ltr tanks
  • Booster use
  • 1 S80 tank air or any gas you want in
  • 1 S80 tank 50%
  • Sofnolime one fill per day
  • 1 O2 fill and air top ups every day

Gas prices

  • Hel 0,100R per liter
  • O2 0,040 per liter

10% sales tax’s on all prices
Material sold /rented cash onboard by Black Tiger diving


To guarantee your space on the safari, a deposit 500 EUR is due with the registration form. The remainder of your payment is due 25. September 2023. We reserve the right to re-sell any space that is not paid in full by this date.

Payment can be made by wire transfer in Euros. You are responsible to cover all transfer fees associated with your payments. We strongly recommend all divers to purchase travel insurance in case of unforeseen circumstances.

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Daedalus Reef is a 400m long and 100m wide  standalone reef in the Egyptian Red Sea situated about 90 kilometers from Marsa Alam. There is a small artificial island in the center of the reef, which hosts a lighthouse constructed in 1863 and rebuilt in 1931. Daedalus reef is a well-known place for diving because of good chances to see pelagic fish, such as hammerhead sharks, and an abundance of corals. In the high season one can find many dive safari boats staying overnight, anchored to the reef.


The Brothers are two small islands – known as Big and Small Brother – surrounded by impressive reefs located 40 miles east off the coastal town of El Quseir. The Brothers Islands are commonly reached by liveaboards, due to their secluded location. The dive site ranked ninth in a list of the world’s 50 best dives and second-best in the Red Sea. The coral growth and colours are impressive, and the reef’s explosion of life attracts hammerheads and longimanus sharks – a common sighting during the dives in this area. On Big Brothers, divers can encounter two impressive shipwrecks, the Numidia and the Aida. Due to the strong currents, divers should have solid drift-diving skills and second-level certifications or higher.


    Panorama Reef is one of the highlights of Safaga. Large coral formations with steep walls, which run more than four hundred meters into the depths, determine the underwater scenario here. You will see several caves and crevices with gorgonia’s and soft corals. On the south and north plateau you regularly encounter reef sharks. Panorama Reef is perfect for a drift dive. It is large enough to make several dives.


    Elphinstone Reef is one of the most famous dive sites in the World and offers some of the best scuba diving in the Red Sea!

    The Elphinstone reef is located 12km offshore and about 30km from Marsa Alam. This dive site is famous for its wonderful drift dives along deep steep walls. The coral is really great and unspoiled.The Elphinstone Reef is also famous for being one of the few places on Earth where you can dive with the Oceanic Whitetip Shark as well as Harmmerhead Sharks.


    Resting at around 32 meters deep off Safaga, just south of Hurghada, the MV Salem Express is one of the most controversial wrecks in the Red Sea. Starting its career as a roll-on, roll-off ferry servicing Safaga and Jedda in Saudi Arabia, it sank after striking one of the infamous Hyndman Reefs on December 17, 1991. The ship went down only 20 minutes after striking the reef, taking numerous passengers with it.

    AND SafaGA Gallery:



    Jari Toivonen will be the group leader.
    He is an IANTD CCR Adv. Trimix Instructor and Examiner.
    Read more about him HERE.


    Sayed ‘Tiger’ Comaa is famous, well known instructor and tour leader.
    He has 23 years exprerience of Egyptian and Sudanese Red Sea.
    He got his nick name by spotting first ever seen Tiger shark in Charles Reefs back in 2003.