4 - 11 June 2020



Boat: RED SEA 1


  • 04.06. Arrive and go by bus to Marsa Alam – check in
  • 05.06. Shaab Marsa Alam( Check dive) – Elphinstone +80m Reef all the way to the surface
  • 06.06. Big Brother – Numidia 86-12m – Aida 65m. Reef all the way to the surface
  • 07.06. Golf Fleet 105m – Shabrur cave 120m Reef for recreational divers
  • 08.06. Ras Mouhammed +1000 m
  • 09.06. Thistelgorm 32-12m – Rosalie moller 35-50m
  • 10.06. Al Qamar al Saudi 60-80m. Reff for recreational diver. Back to harbor
  • 11.06. Check out in Hurghada



  • – Dimension: 36m long – 8m wide
    – Rebuilt: 2017
    – Capacity: up to 26 pax + 2 dive guides at 10 double bed room and 4 suit room
       (NOTE! Only 18 pax to this safari to have some space for bailouts and stages etc.)
    – All cabins contains bathroom, consolidations, mini bar
    – 2 covered area: Saloon and restaurant
    – 2 large sundeck
    – Nitrox and trimix available

Price 1100 EUR / PAX


  • Fullboard accommodation
  • Transfer
  • Taxes, permissions
  • Marin Park fee
  • Dive guide
  • 12L tank and weights
  • Wi Fi
  • Group T-shirt

Not incl.

  • Flights
  • Inter Visa
  • Staff tips 60 EUR / week
  • Covernment fee 35 EUR

For Rebreather divers:
Package 230 EUR


  • 2 rebreather tanks
  • Sofnolime / one fill / day
  • Reb O2 for all week
  • 1 S80 Stage cylinder

For Trimix CCR divers:

50 EUR / cylinder + gas usage during a week.
Your usage will be calculated when you return the cylinder.

  • Nitrox 50% 12 EUR / fill
  • Nitrox 80% 15 EUR / fill
  • 100% O2 20 EUR / fill

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The Brother Islands are a world famous scuba diving destination. It offers some of the best diving in Egypt and in Red Sea. These 2 small Islands (Little Brother and Big Brother) are famous for their wonderful pristine coral as well as being one of the best places in Egypt to dive with Sharks!


The ship lies today in a very steep slope in the northern part of the plateau of Big Brother Island, to a minimum depth of 10 meters and a maximum of 85. The keel is stuck deep in a rocky projection, preventing it from sliding to the bottom of the reef despite its strong currents… the same ones that bring food to corals, gray sharks and pelagic creatures like hammerhead sharks among others.

Here you can encounter the Oceanic Whitetip Shark, Schooling Hammerhead Sharks as well as Grey Reef Sharks and Silvertip Sharks! The very rare Thresher Shark can also sometimes be spotted!


Elphinstone Reef is one of the most famous dive sites in the World and offers some of the best scuba diving in the Red Sea!

The Elphinstone reef is located 12km offshore and about 30km from Marsa Alam. This dive site is famous for its wonderful drift dives along deep steep walls. The coral is really great and unspoiled.The Elphinstone Reef is also famous for being one of the few places on Earth where you can dive with the Oceanic Whitetip Shark as well as Harmmerhead Sharks.



Jari Toivonen will be the group leader.
He is an IANTD CCR Adv. Trimix Instructor and Examiner.
Read more about him HERE.

Basem Ibrahim, famous Instructor and tour leader.
Known by many due his 20 year career in Egyptian Red Sea.
Owner of Masters Red Sea